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I grew up in Emmett, Idaho on my family’s farm. I love to work outside in my vegetable and flower gardens. Summer and autumn would be considered my favorite times of the year because I am working outside in my garden and harvesting the fruits and vegetables I spent so much time growing from seed. But, I also love autumn and winter when my family spends time together. 

In my classroom, there is a hamster named Nibbles, a painted turtle named Squirt, some fish and two hermit crabs.

I attended Brigham Young University-Idaho and received an Associate’s degree in Arts and Sciences emphasis in Horticulture and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education.


To start out my teaching career, I was first hired in Crane, OR. The Crane Union High School had an enrollment of 80 students. This public school district is the only one to board students throughout the week. I lived on campus across from the gym and was able to walk to school every day. There I taught Zoology, Biology, Chemistry, and Horticulture. Each spring my biology classes took a week-long field trip to the Oregon Coast starting up in Astoria and finishing in Newport. We had classes on the beach at the Hatfield Marine Science Center & Yaquina Head Natural Area, on the ocean with Marine Discovery Tours, and inland at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

I met my husband, Mr. Esplin in Crane and shortly after we moved to Nyssa and I started working at the Malheur Education Center, under the Malheur Education Service District.

In the 2016-2017 school year, I started working as the 6th grade science teacher.


Some things I love to do is watching birds-I have a bird identification book that I take with me to identify bird of North America.

Being outdoors: camping, fishing, hunting, cutting wood, sitting around a fire, and exploring are some of my favorite things. While out, I am usually looking for things to collect and bring back to my classroom to show my students. Some things I have collected: insects, animals, assortment of cones, nuts & seeds, abnormally growing parts on plants, shells, skulls, feathers and nests, etc.

I love to travel! I have been to Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada, California, and Mexico. I love exploring new places! One of my favorite regions would have to be in the Yellowstone Greater Area-there are so many animals and geological sites to see and explore.

Curriculum Overview

Unit 1 Exploring Earth
  Chapter 1 Mapping Earth
  Chapter 2 Earth in Space
  Chapter 3 Our Planet-Earth
  Chapter 4 Earth's Dynamic Surface
  Chapter 5 Natural Resources
Unit 2 Exploring Life
  Chapter 6 Life's Classification and Structure
  Chapter 7 Inheritance and Adaptations
  Chapter 8 Introduction to Plants
  Chapter 9 Introduction to Animals
  Chapter 10 Interactions of Life
Unit 3 Understanding Matter
  Chapter 11 Matter and Atoms
  Chapter 12 Matter: Properties and Changes
Unit 4 Understanding Energy
  Chapter 13 Energy and Energy Transformations
  Chapter 14 Waves, Light and Sound
  Chapter 15 Electricity and Magnetism 



Science Classroom Expectations
  • Students will come to class ready to LEARN & PARTICIPATE
  • Students will come to class prepared with binder, pencil, book
  • Students will raise hand when questions or comments arise
  • No horseplay in the science classroom
  • Electronics are to be left in lockers and not brought to class
  • Safe and appropriate hair, clothing and shoes should be worn to class
  • No touching specimens, animals, chemicals or equipment without permission