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Class Overview: 7th & 8th Grade Computers

 Greetings from the Nyssa Middle School technology department:

I am excited to be your technology teacher!  Computers and software are an ongoing learning experience for not only students but teachers as well. The world is definitely at our fingertips with a wealth of information to inform, study and utilize in our work and leisure lives.


The following topics will be covered at an introductory and intermediate level
  • Keyboarding — All The Right Type — Program for typing speed and accuracy
  • Microsoft Word — Program for word processing
  • Microsoft Excel — Spreadsheet program for crunching numbers
  • Microsoft Publisher — Program for Desktop publishing
  • General Computer knowledge — Notes concerning parts of a computer and how they work which may include computer vocabulary.
  • Microsoft Power Point — Presentation software using slides
  • Open Office for Power Point, Spreadsheets and Word Processing
  • Microsoft Access
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Sketchup – Drawing Program
  • Gimp – Like the Adobe Photoshop to work with photographs
  • Alice – Learning to program in 3D
  • Robotics using the Edison Robots and Lego Robots
  • Python Programming
  • Gamemaker - Designing Games and Strategy

 Learners and Leaders: Everyone Pursuing Excellence With Pride

 Be Respectful                         Be Responsible                       Be Safe

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