February 14th-17th

Purpose: Inclusion week will be celebrated to provide support to the increasingly diverse student population that we have here at the Middle School. The Week also provides an important opportunity for educators, students and parents to discuss mental health concerns as well as various other struggles that students may be faced with. 

Monday(14th)-Anti Bullying “You are LOVED” Valentines colors: Red and Pink 

Tuesday(15th)- Anxiety and depression “You are VALUED” Color: Green

Wednesday(16th)- Suicide awareness “You are WANTED” Color: Yellow

Thursday(17th)- Equal day “You are IMPORTANT” Color Blue 

Gender/Race/Disability/Sexual orientation

Friday(18th)- School Improvement 


To help bring awareness to the topics this week you can: wear the color of the day, have a discussion at home with your family, do research on topics and find positive ways to help yourself or others and wear a smile 😊 daily! 

 If your searching for that one person who can change your life… Look in the mirror 😊 

We are looking to have 5 minutes to do a morning “announcement” sharing statistics, educational information, direction for help and additional resources. 

This week is not intended to be used to debate issues or out students. We would like to bring light to difficult topics in life with the hope of inclusion.